Rehab Program

Rehab Program

The Rehab programme is aimed at all injured sportsmen and women, whatever level they do sport at, and allows them to benefit from the latest physiotherapy and muscular strengthening techniques on a half-daily basis.  
  • Rehab is based on a concept of global care that takes account of each individual’s physical and physiological capacities.

It is adapted to :
• the patient’s age,
• his/her general physical condition,
• the level at which he/she does sport (amateur, professional, etc.).

  • The medical team has set itself the goal of allowing injured sportsmen and women to effi ciently and durably recover their potential.

  • The latest physiotherapy techniques (Biodex®, Cybex®, radial shock wave therapy, Huber®, Cellu M6®, Cryo6®).
  • Personalised physical preparation, specifi c to the sport in question.
  • Work to prevent osteo-articular and musculo-tendinous injuries.
  • A recovery programme (veino-lymphatic drainage, relaxation, sauna, steam room,etc.).
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Psychological preparation.

Des conseils diététiques.
Une préparation mentale.

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