Elite Program

Elite Program

Salle Cap Sport

A programme of intensive, personalised physiotherapy and re-athleticisation treatments, reserved for athletes, both professional and amateur.
The Elite programme is the fruit of cooperation between the CERS’ specialists and medical personnel from the world of international sport, and takes account of the specific requirements of sportsmen and women :

  • Repair the injury(-ies) as quickly as possible
  • Prepare the body to help it deal with both past and future strains in the best possible way
  • Offer interactivity with the athlete’s usual management staff.
  • The medical team includes a doctor, a physiotherapist and a fi tness coach.
  • After the medical examination performed on arrival, the doctor, the athlete and the athlete’s entourage agree on a contract of therapeutic and sporting objectives. A follow-up medical is carried out to adjust the programme, and a fi nal examination is performed just before the athlete’s departure to guide him/her and his/her staff on how to continue the care.

Cap Sport Elite

  • The latest physiotherapy techniques (Biodex®, Cybex®, radial shock wave therapy, Huber®, Cellu M6®, Cryo6®).
  • Personalised physical preparation, specifi c to the sport in question.
  • Work to prevent osteo-articular and musculo-tendinous injuries.
  • A recovery programme (veino-lymphatic drainage, relaxation, sauna, team room, etc.).
  • Nutritional advice